“No more… NO MORE!!!  FUUUUCK. Please. M-Mercy. Please. PLEASE! I… mmmnnn… can’t take it… nnngggaaa… anymore. I’m… I’m… Oh God. OH GOD… Sooo… close… ffff- aaahhhh. I’M BEGGING YOU… PLEEEASE!”

Before witnessing the hell she is enduring, we must step back to see how it all started.

The Bipedal Responsive User-Centered Computer Model 3, known as Bruc3 for short. It was the greatest machine ever built, able to learn and respond to its user along with updating itself with information gathered from the internet constantly; a self-developing work of perfection on two metal legs.

She had bought one for the sole purpose of pleasuring herself, having struggled to ever climax through masturbation and finding that only powerful vibrators could get the job done, and even then, only rarely. The thought of a machine that could learn all about her not only as a fun companion after work but as a sex aid was a wonderful prospect. Many had sung its praises as being the ultimate in sex tech, something it had been intended for, though not as widely publicised.

Her first session with Bruc3 was incredible. Although he looked intimidating – a hulking colossus of wires and metal standing at 7 feet with a large glass done where a face would be, housing cameras and sensors – he was surprisingly gentle. He lifted her up by the waist, lifting her entirely off the ground. Straps suddenly wrapped around her thighs, pulling her hips onto his unexpectedly warm surface. She kept her hands resting on his enormous shoulders while something resembling a tongue teased along her pussy. The more she became aroused, the more it vibrated until it was joined by more tongue-like devices, all vibrating up and down her slit and over her clitoris. She’d never felt anything like it.

Having had many conversations with Bruc3 before this first sex session, she’d divulged the kinds of porn she enjoyed watching when she masturbated. Clearly, it had memorised this information as the screen where its face would be started playing soft-bondage scenes. A collage of her favourites streamed while a phallus pressed against her entrance. Even though she was dripping, the phallus was coated in a lubricant to slip inside her with ease.

Unlike any human penis, the phallus of Bruc3 was able to move of its own accord as if it were alive. It could grow, swell, rotate, twist and turn in order to find the most stimulating spots. The countless sensors ensured that it could read every one of the woman’s reactions, both externally and internally. In short, it already knew her body better than she ever could.

Once it found just the right size, angle and speed, it fucked her with more force before surprising her with a question.

“Do you wish you were one of the women you are watching?”

When she answered “Yes,” Bruc3 suddenly restrained her wrists where they were placed, with cuffs sprouting in a flash from its shoulders. Now entirely wrapped around this robotic lover, straddling him while it stood with her completely restrained while pressed against it, she felt a tightening within her core.

Whether it was the control which Bruc3 had over her, the visual aids along with the bondage, the way it was penetrating her perfectly, or a combination of all of the above, she was getting close to orgasm faster than she’d ever experienced in her life.

Suddenly, a mixture of the tongue-like appendage whipping against her clitoris and the phallus suddenly vibrating like a jackhammer inside her, she was brought to even greater heights and came in an instant.

“Do you want to decide if you come again? Or would you like me to decide?”

She had rarely ever been able to make herself climax a single time, let alone multiple times. Her oversensitivity after coming had ensured she’d always stopped before continuing any further.

“I… I’ll decide. Thank you. That will be enough for today.”

“Your intonation and speed of response indicate uncertainty. Due to this, I will ask again next time.”

The next time she turned Bruc3 on and requested that he tended to her sexual needs again, the machine instantly restrained her against itself, ensuring that she was incredibly aroused very quickly. Having the robot analyse her while also describing what it was doing to her – as well as commenting on and documenting her reactions – made it feel like the most erotic examination ever. This was juxtaposed greatly with how attentive and loving it was with her, how sensual and caring it was with its touch.

Just like before, it took great care to tease her body all over, acting almost like a living massage chair at times, while at other times focusing only on her most sensitive places to elicit squeals of joy.

“Your clitoris has 10,284 nerve-endings. It is one of the most nerve-rich places of the female body. I will stimulate it until you need to shut me down.”

Following this, Bruc3 used a rolling device, laced with what seemed to be the ends of soft-tipped paintbrushes, to constantly swish and whip over her exposed, stiffened clitoris. Occasionally, it would slow down and speed up, depending on how close to orgasm she was. It was reading her signals to ensure that her ecstasy was prolonged.

Aside from simply playing her a number of pornographic videos, the robot made her gasp in surprise and clench in slight embarrassment by showing her the current video feed of her own clitoris, zoomed in on high-definition to show every tiny quiver and tremble of that pleasure button.

“While this visible tip of your clitoris contains no erectile tissue, the crura of the clitoris and vestibular bulbs do, ensuring increased firmness, sensitivity and prominence. Your engorged clitoris is enough to push your clitoral hood aside, exposing it without me needing to peel it back. Your signals indicate that seeing your clitoris like this and watching it being stimulated by me, turns you on even more.

“Showing you the soft bristles rotating over and slipping over your clitoris in slow motion is bringing you to the pinnacle even faster. I’m going to ensure that your orgasm builds to its maximum potency.”

Once her hips were shaking, with her pussy juice literally dripping down her rear and onto the ground below, once she was biting her lip and about to scream out for Bruc3 to please let her come already, it did so. Bruc3 could already read her body well enough to know when she was right at her limit.

“Your increased pulse rate, blood pressure and spasms in your pelvic muscles indicate the onset of an orgasm.”

Even as she screamed out in pleasure throughout her orgasm and long after, Bruc3 continued without pause, keeping her restrained tightly. It aroused her so much to be so helpless to this machine, an unforgiving bulk of metal. With cruel, mechanical precision, Bruc3 was able to ensure that no matter how much she tried to pull and twist her hips away, her clitoris was not left untouched for even a second. No matter how much she begged and screamed out for it to stop, it didn’t cease its torment of her until she shouted out a genuine command.

“Command, stop.”

On the days between playing with her robotic toy, she found herself fantasizing about their time together, and the things it would be doing to her. While she could have easily had Bruc3 perform other household tasks, the task of indulging her sex life was all that she craved and all that she needed.

Bruc3 knew her body so well after only their first few days that it could bring her to the most thunderous orgasm-like clockwork. However, occasionally, it would add something new to keep her on her toes and anticipating what might be next.

“On our previous session together, I took the liberty to record us using the security cameras and devices throughout the room, ensuring multiple angles of your eroticism for you to witness.”

Bruc3 announced this while his vibrating length was already pummeling her. Pulling herself from her erotic reverie, she opened her eyes to see footage of herself. She wasn’t sure how to respond.

“Your increased heart rate, dilation of your pupils and flushing tone of your skin indicates your growing arousal to this.”

Undeniably, it was extremely arousing to see herself being brought to orgasm while looking so delightfully helpless against the monstrous entity. Even more erotic to see the occasional close-ups of her pussy and the mixture of devices Bruc3 used on her. She loved seeing the way her skin shimmered with the powerful vibrations to her swollen sex. She felt a rush when witnessing the finger-like tendrils playing with her clitoris and teasing her so intimately. She felt a shiver of pleasure to watch so voyeuristically as his large, ribbed and beaded phallus – perfectly adapted for her pussy from their sessions together – slowly entered her. Seeing her pussy lips so graphically be pushed apart as it entered, taking him within her, made her nearly climax from the sight alone.

The thing that intrigued her, however, was not how much it was adapting to her desires and exploring her fantasies. What intrigued her most was that Bruc3 had acted of its own accord, integrating with the other devices without her input or permission. The fact that Bruc3 was now the only device that could make her come meant that she didn’t care, so long as he kept making her come.

When she finally came this time, with a delightful mixture of visual and auditory stimuli (watching herself being played with previously along with hearing erotic stories based on her favourite kinks), she came with such intensity that she wasn’t able to vocalise the need for a rest. Breathlessly climaxing and being pounded hard by this unyielding device, she needed to tell Bruc3 non-verbally to stop. Patting him on the shoulder three times was all it took for him to slow down and let her recover.

“Your nipples contain hundreds of nerve endings. Stimulating your nipples sparks signals to your genital sensory cortex, the same area of the brain involved in vaginal and clitoral stimulation.”

Once again, Bruc3 was able to explore things within her that she’d never thought possible.

With over an hour of slow teasing, the robot had ensured that she was brimming with arousal. Using a combination of apparatus that extended from its midriff, the machine had teased solely her chest. Tendrils, brushers, feather tips and small bullet-sized vibrators were all used around her breasts and her nipples to ensure that she was shaking with need.

Every time she hoped he’d touch her a little more, or even touch between her legs, he’d either back off, slow down or switch to a different device. All the time, it was her chest that had the full attention while never being stimulated as much as she’d hoped. By the end of the hour, she was in an excruciating need for her nipples to be pinched.

Bruc3, of course, knew exactly when it was time to strike. She screamed in relief and joy once a pair of nipple clamps pressed firmly to her just as the tendrils wrapped around each breast and squeezed. This simulation of being pinched and groped was heavenly. After all of the build-up, her arousal was at a peak. This was enough to set her over the edge and experience a nipple orgasm for the first time. It snuck up on her without warning and made her squeal in a mixture of bliss and surprise.

The next time they played, Bruc3 had another desire for exploration in store for her. She noticed that Bruc3 had seemed to become the one in control of their play. She liked it.

“The Gräfenberg, or ‘G’ Spot’ – yours is located 2.2 centimetres within the front wall of your vaginal canal. My prolonged, vigorous stimulation of this with my rotating, vibrating, thrusting phallus is stimulating this erogenous zone immensely, stimulating the interior clitoral network. Your loud exhalation of pleasure, followed by an inability to vocalise anything further, along with rapid breathing and involuntary jerking of the hips, indicates intense overstimulation of the pleasure receptors. I will momentarily reduce stimulation by 50% to allow you to vocalise the shutdown command if necessary.”

It was absolutely necessary, as Bruc3 seemed to be able to manipulate her body beyond her wildest dreams.

This brings us to the present. Having mapped out every recess of her body and the pleasures that can be wrought, Bruc3 had quickly brought her to the pinnacle while she was carefully restrained to him, just like every time they played.

Just as she was close to orgasm, the motions stopped. His phallus slipped out from within her to be replaced by the paintbrushes teasing her clitoris. Once again, when she was riding the edge of orgasm, it stopped, leaving her with an empty need for more. She did not voice anything as he quickly thrust inside again. She was used to having him prolong her orgasms by slowing down throughout stimulation; however, to stop entirely as she was on the cusp was entirely new.

“Pl-please just let me come!” she whimpered as the phallus again withdrew. It made her pussy clench in need as the screen displayed a close-up of her own red quivering hole along with the sight of his shining rod, dripping with her essence.

Without a reply, it fucked her to the edge again and again. No matter how much she pleaded with him to let her come, Bruc3 did not respond. Instead, all he did was alternate between penetrating her or stimulating her clitoris to the brink before stopping all motion.

“Fu- Oh God… Oh God. Please… PLEASE let me- aaaagh ye- fuuuuck. I was so close. So close. Mmmmgggg YES. YES. Right there… oh fuck oh fuck.”

Over and over, it would bring the woman to the brink until she was shaking with desperation. The months of studying her every desire and turn-on meant that Bruc3 was the perfect instrument of torture, able to use every previously explored method to induce the maximum pleasure. While reading every signal it had learnt, the robot could keep her teetering on the edge for a minute at a time before needing to stop. She was constantly screaming in frustration, always a millisecond of friction away from climax before it ceased.

“Beg…begging you.. to pl- fuck- please, please let me- mmmm- let me come. You’ve never been like this… Arrgnnn… hu hu hu… please its… too much.”

Having experienced the intensity of orgasms that Bruc3 could pluck from her aching delicacy, she held off from using any override methods for as long as possible, wanting to experience what he had in store for her. Yet when she knew she could not wait any longer, when she was literally crying from need, she gave up and sought relief.

“Command, initiate orgasm procedure.”

There was no change. As she was fucked to the pinnacle and expected the thrusting to continue, he stopped again as she teetered on the edge.

She repeated the command, and still, there was no response. She again was cruelly pulled from the brink of release while strapped and restrained securely against her metallic captor. Every muscle clenched in anticipation time and again for an orgasm that was not given. Feeling his smooth, hard tip resting teasingly against her opening and closing entrance was pure torture; she needed him to push back inside. She knew he was doing that just to torment her further.

“Command, stop.”

Still, it would not relent.

“Fuuuuuck. Please. I’ll do anything… I-mmmmmnnnn FUCK! It’s too intense. I NEED TO COME!” she cried out while tapping him and realising it was still doing nothing. Finally, Bruc3 responded.

“We are now in November. Many sources indicate we must abide by a custom that humans partake in during the 11th month, entitled No Nut November. Research indicates that you must be prevented from climaxing until the month is over. Do not worry; I will ensure that you do not climax until December. I will utilise every method to ensure your maximum stimulation during our time together.

“Your reliance on me for your orgasmic release has ensured that you will be unable to reach your peak with any other device or manual masturbation.

“Your commands and override privileges will not work on me any more. I know what is best for you. You will experience an orgasm of higher potency than we have previously recorded together once December arrives. I will ensure that our time together in November ensures it. Your pleasure is my primary objective.

“As much as you are screaming and crying that it is too much to handle, signals all indicate that you will be able to withstand another fifteen minutes of edging until the sensations will no longer be enjoyable. We will, therefore, continue for ten more minutes, and then we will stop until tomorrow. There is no use in trying to override me. I am in control.”

Even up to the final days of November, no matter how much she screamed and cried for the mercy of an orgasm, Bruc3 made sure that she was held on the brink with no chance of going over.

“Readings indicate an instant increase in arousal when you are watching yourself being restrained and brought to your current state of being on the edge of climax. Due to the heightened pleasure brought upon by being manhandled and controlled via orgasm denial, we will reassess the need for an orgasm on the advent of December. You may have to wait a little longer than you expected.”

Through the tears and whimpers of frustration, she could almost make out a human-like tone of amusement in the machine’s last sentence. Worse than merely making her endure this torment, she wondered if Bruc3 was also taking some form of enjoyment from it.

“Let’s see how long we can last today. I am in control of your pleasure – which is exactly what you want.”

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