If you have ever wanted to support PleasureTorture (or by extension, Tantalizm – which is still in the early stages), the affiliate sites (Sssh.com and Lelo) and my novel are great ways to get something and still support the erotic cause.

My Patreon is also here: https://www.patreon.com/pleasuretorture

I use the Patreon to weekly or biweekly early-access written posts and polls (and the occasional early audio post), though keep in mind that the Patreon is more a means of if you’d like to support to help with the cost of the site and upkeep (just want to temper expectations).

Finally, your comments, asks, and simply the visits to the site are all wonderful means of support, and I thank you. Halloween season is upon us, and so too will be a longer erotic-horror story.

Work has also already begun on the ‘Passage of Pleasure’ style written tease focusing a lot on teasing and nipple play.

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