Just Enough

Time had lost all importance: not a moment had passed where his shaft had not felt the soft, wet, teasing sensations of a tongue sliding up and down, flicking against his manhood continuously. He wanted nothing more than for them to just keep wrapping those gorgeous lips around him, to grant the mercy of a more physically impacting pleasure; the two knew this and it fueled their desires even more.

They gazed sensually at the object of their lust, relishing the sensation of his throbbing cock against their tongues, knowing exactly when to slow down, to prolong the joy. They could feel the fast beat of his heart pulsing through his shaft, twitching in the rhythm of his sexual exertion.

The fluttering of their lapping tongues drove him wild, yet for what must have been hours, the sensations had cruelly not been enough to tip him over the edge, keeping him locked in a perpetual state of pleasure. One of the girls kept a hand tightly around the base of his shaft, feeling every surge that pumped through his cock, knowing just when the pinnacle was near. It constantly pulsed and she knows there was no denying it any longer. Never had his cock felt so erect, so full and so complete. Their tongues continued to work him, not changing even as his ecstasy erupted. Every inch of him seized as pleasure overcame him, every minute they had kept him locked in this arousal now climaxing in one moment. Having been teased for so long with such little flickers of sensation, even those minute touches were finally enough to at last topple him over into orgasm. As long as he stayed erect though, they would continue to carry on just as before.

Content created by: PleasureTorture

Image source from: Klixen

One thought on “Just Enough”

  1. Mmmm…this is great! I’d love to see the look on his face as they tease him mercilessly – his orgasm so unsatisfying that he stays hard as they continue the light flicks of torture along his tip and underside. Maybe they even break out a feather or paintbrush…the softness driving him mad with need, causing him to moan and beg loudly as they laugh at his aching, dripping cock, blowing on it lightly to see it twitch and watch him squirm. Perhaps their nails rake over his balls lightly, teasing them with little scratches that cause almost an itchy ache. Then maybe he’s left there for the night, unsatisfied, and forced to watch them pleasure each other to orgasm after orgasm. What sweet torment.

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