“Good girl… now, again! Yes, I know it’s hard but the only way we will let you leave is if you follow the commands… good girl. You said you wanted to be pushed, now take it.

No, they didn’t type for you to stop… playing with your breasts won’t ease the need. Keep going, they all want you to hold it longer. It is no use begging, your need for release is to be savoured.

That’s it, keep it going, feel that pulsing wetness lingering between your thighs.

Oh look, another donation to the site… looks like another 30 minutes added. Did I say to stop? I don’t care how much it twitches with need, you are ours until your time is over; don’t forget, climax and you stay here until tomorrow, to start all over again. Go ahead… moan, they love hearing you moan, making your pussy juices coat your thighs; I bet the feeling of your juices running down your ass cheeks alone makes it nearly too much to handle.

Okay… stop….

5… 4… 3… 2… 1… again… NOW. Good girl, keep that swollen clitoris exposed for your fingertips, twitching and throbbing. Go ahead and writhe for them, they will show no mercy… your suffering simply makes us want to see you tortured with pleasure even more. Also I thought I made it clear, 30 minutes added on if you buck your hips that high… DON’T YOU DARE STOP. Back on the edge right now!

Hold it… don’t stop; keep that sensation coursing through you, the edge of heaven a stroke away. Feel that burning throughout your body,  knowing it will never leave you.


It looks like we have a special donation from another viewer requesting you to use the feather once again.

You’d better go get it and make a start….

…That’s it, let it flicker along your body. We have a long time to go yet. Whimpering won’t help, haven’t you noticed that with every whimper, with every moan, they donate more, adding another 30 minutes to your sweet suffering?

Nice and slow… they want every inch of you shuddering with utter longing. Seems that the feather has quite an effect on your over-sensitive body, though you know you have to last, to hold it back; I don’t think you could take another day of this. Just the soft, whispering strokes of the feather over your nipples is making you breathe so hard.

It seems someone has shown some mercy, they have told you to pinch them. Go ahead… give them a little tweak.

OK, that’s enough, back up and down with the feather… feel it tantalise your skin, the way just that path it takes from between your breasts to your pussy makes your entire body surge with renewed longing.

Brush that pussy with it now… fast.

It’s so fucking hot seeing you shiver and rock your hips like that, keep going… DO NOT STOP, UNDERSTAND?

No, it doesn’t matter how much your pussy is leaking, pleading isn’t going to help you, it isn’t going to stop that aching between your legs. I know how much you truly love being watched like this, watched at your most submissive, knowing so many eyes are taking in the look of your desperation, knowing your clitoris is being teased unbearably by that soft little feather for all to see.

By the way… didn’t we also have a deal? I said I’d take off an hour’s worth of time if you didn’t moan while using the feather… well you failed, now it’s time for your forfeit.

I’m going to eat your hot, twitching, soaking wet pussy out, without letting you come of course… hush, just listen… I’m going to do that for 15 minutes, and if you move your hands away from your sides even just once, the next person to donate gets to decide how long I’m going to hold you on the edge with the magic wand vibrator.

That’s it… keep whimpering and begging, it makes me want to suck on you even more. Get ready…this is going to be hard for you…

Content created by: PleasureTorture

Submission from: Littleredminx

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