It Never Takes Long

One hour? Two hours?

How long had they tortured her like this?

Time did not seem to exist anymore, all that existed in her world was the burning need within her sex, within her very core.

“P… Please… Pleeease… Oh God… Oh God… PLEASE!!!” she begged, to no reply.

She was wary about going back with them, but she had no idea this is what they had in store for her. The seduction had been fun, incredibly erotic, yet she  was unaware that this was all part of their typical ploy. Once the three women had seduced her, had her all alone with them, they knew she was all theirs.

Naked and helpless, the teasing started slow, as always. A few times being brought to the edge was an unusual experience for their targets, such intense build up stirred things within them that they had never felt before. Taken playfully at first, it isn’t long until it turns to frustration… then to need… then to desperation. 

They take it in turns, continuously and unrelentingly feasting on her sex, relishing in the helpless girl’s torture.

It never takes too long until the tears start to flow; it merely makes them lick, suck, fondle and tease even more. 

She moans, she screams, she begs… 

Content created by: PleasureTorture

Image source from: RealityKings

2 thoughts on “It Never Takes Long”

  1. So hot. Love your descriptions – always leave me wanting more 🙂 . Would love to hear an audio version of something like this. I can’t wait for your novel … any closer to finishing? Had an idea for a story I think might be up your alley – A man realizes it’s his girlfriend’s first time -she’s never even had an orgasm- so he teaches her how far pleasure can really go, teasing her relentlessly, keeping her at the brink until she’s ready. Then the tables turn when he awakens and she decides she wants to explore him. Something about mutual denial gets me all hot and bothered. Can’t wait to see what you’re working on next!

    1. The novel is nearly finished, just need to add another chapter in before finalising the editing (I am very much looking forward to starting work on the story that will come once that one has been released – will be entitled ‘The Sexecutioner’, and will be a huge project). I very much like that story idea, I can combine it with a little story I was working on (the GIFs would fit quite nicely, but now I’ll make it as a 2 part story. For the meantime though, the main thing is just re-uploading all of the tumblr content onto here.

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