The question has been asked on occasion, “what kind of safety measures are taken for sessions?” Thankfully, due to the nature of PleasureTorture sessions, there are very few issues that can arise – no intense bdsm style play or any risky restraints. However, as with anything, there are certainly safety measures and procedures in place to make sure that the fun can be enjoyed in comfort and security. Hopefully some of this information may help others as well who are hoping to explore the world of light bondage, edging and forced orgasms.

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Pillowcase Bondage

What You Can Do With A Pillowcase (Video Link)

A nice way to use a pillowcase. Simply sliding the pillowcase up the other person’s arms, behind their back, then having the person lie back, letting their own body trap their arms by their sides.

Dominating someone, having that person know that their pleasure is under your control, is not about the tools or equipment you own. It’s about the mindset, the desire to spend those moments taking them to the pinnacles of pleasure and holding them there as long as you wish. The look in your eyes, the tone of your voice, the way you touch them with intent – when it all conveys how much you want to indulge in their fantasies, that is when you truly hold someone captive… after that, the items you use and the tricks such as above are all simply the icing on the cake.

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