Will you try to write an erotic story about girls’ everyday fantasies? When she get up in the morning and thinks about what to wear so that someone can see her nipples. The story of how she is excited by the sight of other men when they look at her exposed body parts. The story of how she dreams that someone today would remember seeing her breasts. The story of how he notices a man gagged on her cleavage on the bus, and she does not mind and gently secretly opens another limb of her breast so that the man can look at her well.

I like these very simple scenarios, while this is something I have added a little of with the novel length story being edited, I will certainly work on erotic stories which follow the pattern of more everyday situations. A nice diversion from the more fantastical tales often posted.

Recently discovered your site and it’s now become my go-to. The gifs from your recent post ‘Succumb’ had me tantalised and I’m wondering if you plan to upload the full video? I really hope so.

I plan on uploading that video segment within the next month. It’s only a short piece though, as her preference was for the session itself to not be filmed, so we only created that little segment of oral teasing.

When are you planning on posting a new audio? You’re audios have ruined all other ones for me and I really need something new to get off to Sir.

Sadly since the pandemic situation it has been a little more difficult to work on audio posts as frequently. However I plan on creating a new one within the month; it will focus on a shorter session, particularly good for those who are a little newer to edging themselves.

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