“I would love to hear an audio of you and a rather vocal woman during one of your sessions. The instructional audios are nice, but for me, i find hearing two people teasing and moaning much more arousing. “The Trapped Man” is a big favorite of mine, and the audio stories you’ve done are fantastic. Would love to hear an audio version of “The Two Participants”. But don’t want to sound ungrateful – always glad for new content :)”

I certainly do plan on making a ‘Two Participants’ audio post (will be a little while away but it’s definitely going to be done – featuring both male and female audio). These audio posts may be ones you’d enjoy due to the female audio involved –

Vibrator Tease

Scream with Need

Hoping to put up more content that you desire, though of course on whether the person involved in any session is okay with it being posted on here (whether audio or video). Going to be putting up a better quality audio of ‘The Torment of Denial’ too in time.

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